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A Telecom Hospital for the Healthcare Industry June 7, 2010

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Carl Weinschenk could not have been more spot-on when he referred to the healthcare industry as the poster child for the advantages that unified communications promise. The need for immediate communication between doctors, nurses and other hospital and healthcare practitioners alone is enough proof to back up this statement.

Loosely defined, unified communications (UC) is a highly integrated combination of voice, multi-media, data and mobility in a secure and redundant network. In an industry where a lack of communication possibilities can literally be the difference between life and death, adopting a UC solution is more than an attractive idea. This is not to say that the transition will be easy. Seldom will an industry see a new opportunity presented without new challenges and obstacles attached to the process.

Among these challenges is the unavoidable resistance to change.  When you are in the business of saving lives, technological reliability is key. Healthcare organizations are not keen on replacing their current trusted and working systems. When you combine security and privacy issues with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliancy issues, the process begins to seem less and less appealing. Not to mention, the cost of switching to a UC solution alone is at least doubled for hospitals compared to other customers.

“The paradox is that hospitals have 21st century needs, 20th century technology and 19th century budgets.”
-Carl Weinschenk, IT Business Edge, March 5

Because not all healthcare facilities will be able to afford new technology, many healthcare IT departments are looking for solutions that can extend the life of their current network. Our solution to this problem is simple: serve as a telecom hospital for the healthcare industry.

Telmar’s enterprise business unit has the capability to offer healthcare organizations a comprehensive suite of repair, replacement and inventory management. Our blended approach will allow hospitals, medical centers and doctors to maximize their current investments while migrating to a robust communications solution to meet their future needs. ­­­The healthcare industry will benefit from our UC solution by having greater flexibility, faster resolution and multiple manufacturer coverage with renewed warranties all at a lower cost.


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