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TEL-NT and Telmar Support Millions through Tekelec Agreement November 18, 2010

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Telmar’s Latin American subsidiary, TEL-NT, has recently entered into an agreement in support of Tekelec. One of Tekelec’s largest markets is predictably Brazil, and with customers like Claro, Nextel, Oi and TIM Brasil, they have a need to maintain the high-level of support that their Tier-One market expects. To that end, TEL-NT will manage all repairs, asset management and logistics of Tekelec’s next-generation network equipment located in Brazil and Latin American countries at its world-class repair facility in Valinhos, Brazil. In addition to the TEL-NT work in Brazil and Latin America, Telmar will provide repair services for Tekelec out of it Manesar, India, test and repair facilities.

Tekelec is the industry leader in broadband signaling and has been a forerunner in producting the technology that underpins our smartphones, iPads and laptops. It makes this bandwith-on-demand revolution possible supporting literally billions of devices worldwide allowing poeple to surf the Internet, watch videos, text and talk. The average person on the street is blissfully unaware of the options and freedoms they possess due in large part to Tekelec.

For those of you that still have fixed Wireline phones in your homes, there was a time when if you moved, your number didn’t move with you. It sounds hard to believe with how free we are today in our choices. So while everyone knows about companies like Apple or RIM, they often miss the other important contributors like Tekelec which incidentally is the company that allows that phone number of yours to move when you. When we think of the changes in the telecom landscape over the past fifty years, we think of iPhones, video-on-demand and the explosive growth on the Internet. We often miss the technologies that quietly sit behind the scenes and make our lives easier.


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