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New Foam-In-Place Technology Improves Telmar’s Shipping Process June 7, 2011

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FIP Technology Creates Custom Shipping Mold

Packaging and shipping telecom equipment requires a wide assortment of shipping options. More often than not, creating a custom-fitted package is the best way to ensure a safe delivery. In order to continue delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers, Telmar recently installed a new Foam-in-Place (FIP) technology system which features the most cost-effective, time-efficient packaging technology in the industry.

FIP is polyurethane foam that is molded in real-time by combining two liquid foams through a pressurized mixer at a very high temperature.  The mixture expands rapidly around the product being protected, creating a custom, protective shell.

This type of packaging technology is designed to support multiple drops and can be reused by Telmar’s customers, once custom fit.  This is a tremendous advantage for customers who forward or re-ship products that originated from Telmar because they can re-use this packaging with confidence that the equipment will arrive to its destination in good and safe condition.

The overall goal is to ensure that Telmar continues to complete quality deliveries with the highest shipping integrity in the industry.


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