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From a Small Florida Shop Emerges the World’s Leader in Reuse Telecom and Telecom Equipment Repair July 20, 2011

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Four years ago, Telmar Network Technology became the world’s largest, independent provider of pre-owned equipment and a leader of independent repair services in the communications market through the acquisition of Precision Communications (PCS).

The history of Precision Communication Services (PCS) is a classic example of a corporate American success story.  Founded in 1971 by Douglas R. Kenny, PCS was focused on providing a “one-stop solution” for the repair, refurbishment and resale of telecommunications equipment. The company started out as a four person operation in a 1,000-square-foot facility.  The corporate vision was to offer the operating telephone companies an alternative to OEM repair by providing an independent repair solution.

The corporate mission was straight forward; customer focus while providing the employees a stable and productive work environment.  Evidence of this mission can still be found today by having the initial PCS customer still as a current major customer and having two of the initial employees still employed.

Over the years, PCS was successful in adding additional service offerings and developed additional capabilities in order to keep pace with the ever changing Telecom Industry.  The continued growth required the opening of the first remote location in Tarboro, NC, in 1996. The ongoing success and growth hit new milestones with the acquisition of the Nortel Enterprise facility in Toronto, Canada, in 2000 and the opening of the Plano, Texas, facility in 2001.  The fifth PCS location was opened in 2006 in Calgary, Canada.

The combined PCS facilities were over 500,000 square feet in size, employed over 450 employees and produced 70 million dollars in annual revenue.  The true success of PCS, though, was the dedicated employee base – 23 percent of which has more than 20 years of service.

 In 2007, PCS was acquired and merged with Telmar Network Technology creating one of the largest full-service organizations to offer multi-vendor repair, spare parts management, certified pre-owned equipment and more to enterprises, OEMs and service providers around the world.

Now in 2011, Michael Kenny, son of PCS founder Douglas Kenny, resides in Tampa and oversees the company’s repair services.  Telmar is continuing to grow around the world, leading the industry in providing products and services that help maintain and grow communications networks for OEMs, service providers and enterprises around the world.


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