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Helping Verizon Restore Communications to the NYC Area After Hurricane Sandy November 6, 2012

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Several floors of Verizon’s headquarters are still flooded at 140th West Street in Manhattan, New York.

Verizon has been a long-time customer of Telmar’s so when Hurricane Sandy hit the NYC / NJ area, our team of disaster recovery experts was there to help them restore communications.

Telmar currently has three technical assistants living permanently in the NY area, and two engineers from our Plano, Texas Technical Assistance Center is working side-by-side with the Verizon team on communication restoration efforts. Telmar’s team of engineers and critical technical assistance experts was focused on helping Verizon to quickly regain network continuity and reliability so businesses could operate and people get back to their normal schedules.

Verizon’s facilities in lower Manhattan were flooded including its headquarters which is a key communications hub just north of the World Trade Center site at 140th West Street. According to Tony Melone, Verizon’s CTO, their headquarters were in a state of crisis not seen since the 9/11 attacks. Mud still covered parts of the lobby, and down below over 3 floors of the building’s five-level basement were still submerged in brackish water.

Crews worked feverishly to remove flood waters from Verizon’s Manhattan office. No one expected the water to flood as much of the building as itdid, but the force of storm surge was so strong that it bent the 86-year-old Art Deco skyscrapers, steel and bronze doors allowing water in. To pump out the water, workers stuck a pipe down an elevator shaft.

The storm’s surge was so powerful that it breached the protective plugs that surround cables coming into the building. As a result, water flooded the critical basement “cable vault” that takes in communications cables and directs them to the switching gear upstairs which wasn’t damaged.


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