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Telmar’s Commitment to Quality July 29, 2013

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Telmar is committed to quality both within our own facilities and throughout the telecommunications industry. This commitment drives Telmar to be an active member in the QueEST Forum, an organization dedicated to improving operational and supply chain quality and performance. QuEST Forum oversees the implementation of TL 9000, a quality standard built on ISO 9001 and the eight quality principles. TL 9000 is unique to the telecommunications industry. Telmar is the only provider certified in both the TL 9000 procurement and repair services product categories and one of a few providers of pre-owned solutions currently certified to the TL 9000 procurement standard.

Telmar’s commitment to quality is perhaps best embodied in our President and CEO, Steven Pickett. Mr. Pickett was elected to serve as the 2013 Vice-Chair of the QuEST Forum Executive Board. He will serve as Chair of the Executive Board in 2014. His leadership role in the organization helps to ensure that the highest levels of quality are implemented and maintained throughout Telmar’s global locations as well as throughout the telecommunications industry worldwide.

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