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Telmar’s Commitment to Quality July 29, 2013

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Telmar is committed to quality both within our own facilities and throughout the telecommunications industry. This commitment drives Telmar to be an active member in the QueEST Forum, an organization dedicated to improving operational and supply chain quality and performance. QuEST Forum oversees the implementation of TL 9000, a quality standard built on ISO 9001 and the eight quality principles. TL 9000 is unique to the telecommunications industry. Telmar is the only provider certified in both the TL 9000 procurement and repair services product categories and one of a few providers of pre-owned solutions currently certified to the TL 9000 procurement standard.

Telmar’s commitment to quality is perhaps best embodied in our President and CEO, Steven Pickett. Mr. Pickett was elected to serve as the 2013 Vice-Chair of the QuEST Forum Executive Board. He will serve as Chair of the Executive Board in 2014. His leadership role in the organization helps to ensure that the highest levels of quality are implemented and maintained throughout Telmar’s global locations as well as throughout the telecommunications industry worldwide.

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Telmar India Receives the First Annual Leadership in Quality Award December 6, 2012

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Telmar is pleased to announce that their operations in India received the first annual Leadership in Quality award at the Telecom Leadership Forum 2012 being held today in New Delhi. The award was presented by QuEST Forum, developers of the TL 9000 quality management system that is today recognized as the industry’s foremost quality standard. The management system was originally developed to meet the supply chain quality requirements of the worldwide telecommunications industry. TL 9000 involves both significant management and measurement components that aim to maintain a common set of telecom QMS requirements; foster a system that protects the integrity and use of telecom products hardware, software and services; and define effective measurements and evaluate the results of QMS implementation.

QuEST Award

As a Telecom Services Company that had one of the quickest TL 9000 implementations globally, Telmar sought to establish themselves as a quality service provider and has been consistently delivering best-in-class performance since then. Telmar would also like to congratulate fellow award winners, Airtel and Tata Consultancy Services, who won in the Telecom Service Operator and Telecom Software Company categories respectively.


The Growing Connection Between Telmar and QuEST Forum June 9, 2010

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Phillip Crosby once said that “quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric.”  Telmar strives to continuously enhance its capabilities and quality of service at our facilities around the world to prove that we are 100 percent committed to quality. An active member of the QuEST Forum, we the only provider certified in both the TL 9000 (the quality management standard for the telecommunications industry) procurement and repair services product categories and one of a few providers of pre-owned solutions currently certified to the TL 9000 procurement standard.

QuEST Forum is the industry trade association that created and maintains the TL 9000 Quality Management System.  The TL 9000 standard is the basis for Telmar’s global quality system.  QuEST Forum is a unique partnership of telecommunications service providers and suppliers with a vision to be the global force for improving quality of products and services delivered to customers of communication technologies.

Throughout the years, Telmar’s involvement with QuEST Forum has been at all levels including the Executive Board, working committees, and sub-teams along with multiple presentations at QuEST Forum’s Best Practices Conferences around the world.  This involvement has allowed us to form and enhance relationships across the industry, influence the standard, and gain from the best practices shared by other members.   As an active member since 1999, Telmar has an equal vote in any decisions including modification of the TL 9000 Handbooks themselves. Currently, there are a total of 118 QuEST Forum members. Included in this number are all of our major customers and competitors.

Our most recent connection to QuEST Forum is the appointment of President and CEO, Steve Pickett, as an Executive Contributor to the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum Executive Board.  Pickett will lead a Board level project focused on expanding the marketing of QuEST Forum and TL 9000 beyond traditional audiences through speaking engagements at non-QuEST Forum events, leveraging existing liaison agreements, the development of additional liaison agreements in new industries, and working with another Board project to address various new market segments such as the cable industry.