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New Strategic Partnership with Cambium Networks August 28, 2013

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We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Cambium Networks that extends to all of Cambium’s PTP and PMP solutions throughout 150 global markets. Telmar’s global footprint has helped to establish the company as a leading provider of telecom repair and logistics services.

Telmar’s testing and repair activities for both the cellular and transport/backhaul domain are performed with the use of all major OEM equipment and have been done for a variety of carriers and OEMs globally. This allows Telmar the best chance of duplicating the customer’s problem with the equipment and thus enables Telmar to target the issue at hand and make an efficient repair.

“While Cambium Networks’ solutions provide fast and cost‐effective methods of increasing the capacity of IP wireless broadband networks, Telmar’s repair services will ensure the seamless quality and durability of wireless backhaul and last mile access products for those network extensions,” added Steven Pickett, President and CEO of Telmar Network Technology. Click here to learn more about the full range of repair services offered by Telmar.

Transform the Cost of Returns into a Revenue Stream April 19, 2013

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The cost of returns—in both time and money—is only increasing. Many companies are spending more on return management today than ever before.  A recent study estimates that returns will cost U.S. consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers nearly $17 billion this year, an increase of 21% since 2007.

The high cost of returns doesn’t have to be something your company accepts as inevitable. An integrated and efficient reverse logistics plan can revolutionize your company’s bottom line. Cisco was able to transform its returns from an $8 million loss in 2005 into a $147 million revenue generator by 2009, simply by evaluating and revamping the company’s reverse logistics processes.

Telmar is poised to help you implement a winning reverse logistics strategy. From custom reverse logistics and warehousing solutions to inventory and transportation management, Telmar can help you reduce costs while streamlining your processes. Contact us today to see how much your company can save.

Join Us in Brazil for the RLA Conference and Expo April 12, 2013

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In today’s marketplace, finding efficient solutions for reverse logistics needs is crucial to delivering great customer service while managing costs. Supply chains often wrap the globe, and each country poses its own challenges to reverse supply chain logistics.

Next week in Sao Paulo, the RLA Conference and Expo will explore the reverse logistics challenges unique to Brazil and surrounding countries. Telmar’s Brazil Site Operations Director, Franklin Jimenez, will be speaking on a panel about reverse logistics challenges in Brazil on Wednesday, April 17 at 1:30 p.m. in Room A. Telmar and our subsidiary in Brazil, Tel-NT, know firsthand the many operational challenges that face companies in Latin America and throughout the world costing them valuable time and money. To manage these challenges, you need a partner who can provide custom reverse logistics and warehousing solutions that achieve significant savings in inventory and transportation management. Telmar and Tel-NT are just the partners you have been looking for. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.



Tango Networks Announes Abrazo Release 5x September 22, 2011

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Earlier this month, Tango Networks announced the availability of the Abrazo mobile Unified Communications (mobile UC) release 5.x which adds flexibility for both deployments and policy management.

As the trend of telecommuting continues to grow, VPNs are becoming less attractive to companies and they are looking for cost-effective and feature-rich voice conferencing on a constant basis. The Abrazo mobile UC platform provides a solution that gives mobile users the same PBX and UC functionalities they have on their PCs and desk phones. The new release of the Abrazo adds even more capabilities including:

There’s no denying that mobile UC is the future of the telecommunications world, and as a Tango partner, Telmar is thrilled to add the 5.x to its portfolio of mobileUC products.


Telmar Tangos with Mobile UC November 15, 2010

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On October 21, Telmar announced a strategic relationship with Tango Networks to resell the Tango Abrazo™ mobile unified communications (mobile UC) solution which combines the two worlds of enterprise and mobility.

Though VPNs have long allowed users to access data remotely, the growing trend of telecommuting is demanding cost-effective and feature rich voice conferencing on a constant basis. With the Tango Abrazo, mobile users receive the same PBX and UC functionalities they have on their PCs and desk phones.

The benefits of a mobile UC solution are undeniable not only from an end-user prospective, but for an Enterprise, as well. The optimized routing of cellular calls through an enterprise’s private network alone can eliminate a company’s long-distance and international phone bills. Because the Abrazo works on any mobile phone, PBX and network, enterprises can leverage current investments while turning mobility into a valuable corporate asset at the same time.

A Telecom Hospital for the Healthcare Industry June 7, 2010

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Carl Weinschenk could not have been more spot-on when he referred to the healthcare industry as the poster child for the advantages that unified communications promise. The need for immediate communication between doctors, nurses and other hospital and healthcare practitioners alone is enough proof to back up this statement.

Loosely defined, unified communications (UC) is a highly integrated combination of voice, multi-media, data and mobility in a secure and redundant network. In an industry where a lack of communication possibilities can literally be the difference between life and death, adopting a UC solution is more than an attractive idea. This is not to say that the transition will be easy. Seldom will an industry see a new opportunity presented without new challenges and obstacles attached to the process.

Among these challenges is the unavoidable resistance to change.  When you are in the business of saving lives, technological reliability is key. Healthcare organizations are not keen on replacing their current trusted and working systems. When you combine security and privacy issues with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliancy issues, the process begins to seem less and less appealing. Not to mention, the cost of switching to a UC solution alone is at least doubled for hospitals compared to other customers.

“The paradox is that hospitals have 21st century needs, 20th century technology and 19th century budgets.”
-Carl Weinschenk, IT Business Edge, March 5

Because not all healthcare facilities will be able to afford new technology, many healthcare IT departments are looking for solutions that can extend the life of their current network. Our solution to this problem is simple: serve as a telecom hospital for the healthcare industry.

Telmar’s enterprise business unit has the capability to offer healthcare organizations a comprehensive suite of repair, replacement and inventory management. Our blended approach will allow hospitals, medical centers and doctors to maximize their current investments while migrating to a robust communications solution to meet their future needs. ­­­The healthcare industry will benefit from our UC solution by having greater flexibility, faster resolution and multiple manufacturer coverage with renewed warranties all at a lower cost.

Earth Day 2010: Don’t Forget the Four “R’s” April 22, 2010

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Today is Earth Day. Everyone– from global corporations to individuals – should look around their home, offices and facilities and figure out how each one of us as a person or company can be even more environmentally friendly and responsible.

Believe it or not, when you think about environmental issues there are four “R’s” that you should remember when planning your program:
• Reuse
• Reduce

Telmar uses the four “R’s” every day at our facilities, during production and as part of our global customer solutions. We’re committed to protecting the environment by reducing our carbon footprint in at all of our facilities around the world. When we finished out our corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas we reused materials from the original facility. We also encourage our employees to recycle equipment, furniture and other materials used at our facilities.

But we go beyond that. All repairs at our facilities are done at RoHS-compliant repair stations. Any products brought in for repair that are faulty are cataloged as scrapped materials before being returned to the customer, or destroyed on site.

Our customers can meet their initiatives to be more environmentally responsible through Telmar’s products and services. Service providers, OEMs and enterprises can extend the useful life of their network through repair of equipment or by purchasing our remanufactured or Certified Pre-Owned products.

We also help customers reduce their carbon footprint through:
• Telmar’s proprietary software for disposition of materials at customer site
Spare parts depots located strategically around the world
• Reduced transportation costs and time delays through local repair and logistics services

Even though Telmar is environmentally responsible, to ensure we are always compliant we’ve built in environmental initiatives into our Quality Management Systems.